Salt: Fondaparinux Sodium
Therapeutic Description: Anticoagulants/Antiplatelets
Category: Pentasaccharide that inhibits activated factor X.
Pregnancy: No evidence of risk in humans.
Lactation: Caution advised or effect undetermined.
Contraindications: Patients with active bleeding. Severe renal impairment. Acute bacterial endocarditis.
Precautions: Haemorrhage. Renal or hepatic impairment, elderly, children below 17 years age.
Prevention of venous thromboembolic events (VTE) in patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery of the lower limbs (e.g. hip fracture, major knee surgery or hip replacement surgery).
Hip Fracture or Replacement Surgery/ Knee Replacement Surgery/Abdominal Surgery: Adults: SC: 2.5 mg daily, starting 6-8 hour post-operation for 5-9 days (Hip/Knees: up to 11 day
Do not administer IM, only for SC inj. Do not mix with other inj or infusions. Early initiation (before 6 hours after surgery) has been associated with increased bleeding.
Fibrinolytic agents, desirudin, heparin, heparinoids, other antiplatelet drugs, NSAIDs.
Anaemia, bleeding, thrombocytopenia (uncommon), purpura, abnormal liver function tests, oedema.
Strength Pack Size PKR
2.5 mg10 Pre filled Syringex.5 mL4350.00
7.5 mg10 Pre filled Syringex.6 mL9500.00
7.5 mg7 Pre filled Syringex.6 mL7000.00

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