Salt: Chlorpheniramine Inj, Syp & Tabs
Therapeutic Description: Antihistamines, Systemic
Category: Arylalkylamine type.
Pregnancy: Not rated.
Lactation: Caution advised or effect undetermined.
Allergic conditions e.g. hay fever and other allergic rhinopathies, urticaria, pruritus, itching dermatoses, as adjuvant in acute and chronic eczema, contact dermatitis, drug eruptions.
ORAL: Adults & Children: >12 years: 4 mg every 4-6 hours or 8 mg every 8-12 hours or
Chlorpheniramine 10 mg/mL may be administered by SC, IM, or IV injection slowly over a period of one min.
Stability: Stored below 25 degree centigrade and protected from light.
Alcohol, CNS depressants, MAOIs.
Drowsiness, impaired reactions, dizziness.
Strength Pack Size PKR
4 mg1000's287.50

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